Gel Batteries

Gel batteries require no maintenance and have a greater lifespan than AGM batteries. They can also be mounted in any orientation thanks to its gelified electrolyte.

AGM Batteries

or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, offer a better temperature range and cycle life with a deep cycle charge/discharge than their lead-acid counterparts, making them ideal for solar systems. They are versatile for many applications such as Marine, RV, backup, etc.

Lithium Batteries

are more compact, lightweight, and powerful compared to AGM, Gel, and Flooded batteries. Lithium batteries have the best cycle life of deep cycle batteries, offering approximately 2000 cycles at 100% DoD

Tubular Batteries

A tubular battery uses technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. As a result, there’s no shedding or corrosion, ensuring long battery life.